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September 13, 2009

What’s Old is New Again!

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While browsing through the New York Times’ Media & Advertising section, a great source for industry information, I came across this interactive page that provides you with a breakdown of the number of ads based on product class aired during the past twenty-four years of the Super Bowl. It even has a media player embedded within the webpage so you can check out some of the memorable ads to have made their debut since 1984.

The other day while watching TV I saw this commercial and had to do a double take to make sure I hadn’t gone back in time:

Seeing a commercial that first aired in the early 1990s, I challenged myself to do some interesting homework for this week’s entry, watch TV and pay close attention to the commercials to see if I could find any other examples of spots being “recycled”. (It’s sort of like a homework assignment you wished for in high school!) I was able to find a couple examples of other companies re-airing old commercials:

I will concede in advance that the Delissio, or DiGorno for you Americans, “Party Crasher” ad on this page is a bit of a stretch. In particular because the ad was only created a year ago but in an industry that’s constantly reinventing itself it does nonetheless apply. (By the way the pizza boy is actor Steven Christopher Parker.)

The commercial below from also falls under the same argument as the Delissio commercial:

(You really have to love YouTube because you can find just about anything on that site!)

These are just three examples and I don’t think it’s quite time to call this an emerging trend in advertising. I think it’s more of a cost effective attempt by these companies to remind us of their products and to remain visible during the recession; and this is quite the novel way of doing so.  I certainly appreciate the feelings of nostalgia from the Coffee Crisp commercial, when upon seeing it in the early 1990s, it’s almost guaranteed that I would have persuaded my parents to go out and get me a Coffee Crisp.

In honor of the NFL’s kick-off weekend, I must consider if this is a new trend, how long is it before we see one of these memorable ads that made their debut during the Super Bowl?

(In-depth commentary on these commercials, and many others that have aired during Super Bowl telecasts only to become viral hits, can be found in Bernice Kanner’s aptly named The Super Bowl of Advertising, published by Bloomberg Press. It’s become a yearly tradition for me to read through this book the weekend before the Super Bowl just to get myself even more excited for the creative genius about to be witnessed by millions upon millions of viewers and it serves to remind me once again why I choose to pursue a career in advertising!)

If you’ve seen other examples of commercials that originally aired years ago and are now being re-broadcast, post a comment or send me an email and I’ll revise the post.


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