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December 4, 2014

A Gift from Samsung Santa

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After a two year sabbatical I am back, reacquainting myself with the world of advertising and sharing the passion I have for it through these posts. Moving forward I plan on posting new entries every 10-14 days that will be a bit shorter, but there will still be the occasional entry that rivals a research paper from my university days! I also want to continue with the author interview entries that were very well received from when I interviewed Terry O’Reilly and James P. Othmer.

So let’s jump right into it, shall we? What should my first entry back be on? How about an entry on something seasonal, like all the Christmas ads you’ve seen since basically Labour Day! There’s one ad in particular that I want to single out and shower with praise.

Have a look:

I first saw this ad this past Sunday while watching the Steelers and Saints game. (Thank you Antonio Brown for the all fantasy points, even if they were in garbage-time!) There’s a lot to like about this spot. For one the fact that it’s able to keep your attention for the entire two minutes. I was so immersed in the story that I thought at best it was only a minute-long. By today’s standards of shorter spots and consumers with reduced attention spans, a two-minute commercial is extremely rare.

Midway through the commercial I had to stop and think about what was being advertised. You see various Samsung products throughout the commercial but because you’ve been so drawn in by the story with Kristen and Dax decorating their house for the holidays, you lose track of the fact that this is still a commercial whose purpose is to get you to take action and buy some of the several Samsung products you see. The copywriter did a great job with the copy because generally we are very guarded with all the ads we see daily, but personally I found that this spot got us to drop our guards and enjoy it.

Another element of this ad that you must love is the likeability of real-life couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. The cute factor is huge in this commercial with their matching Christmas pajamas, their ugly Christmas sweaters (the dogs had them on too), and the way Dax helps his pregnant wife. For Samsung it must have been an obvious choice to cast the couple in this commercial following this ad for the Galaxy Tab S, which since posted on September 14th has received over 20 million YouTube views:


I tip my Santa hat to you Samsung for creating an ad that is so long it doesn’t feel like an ad, that gives the gift of a great story and that stars a couple that is truly likeable and that we can all relate to!

(Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation from Samsung for this endorsement; though with Christmas coming-up hopefully they keep me in mind!)



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