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February 2, 2015

Always Wins Super Bowl XLIX

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Super Bowl XLIX is in the books. Congratulations to the New England Patriots, though it could have easily gone the other way. It was an exciting game to watch with so many highlights. Canadian Football League product Chris Matthews had a breakout game and led to the CFL being mentioned more in the Super Bowl than they have before. There was the collective oh my gosh when everyone realized that Seattle’s Jermaine Kearse made the catch with a little over a minute left in the game. And of course the interception when Seattle was on the one-yard-line with Marshawn Lynch, one of the best offensive players in the NFL this year, in the backfield.

As this is an advertising blog I should probably talk about the commercials. Advertisers paid a whopping $4.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime. We saw the usual collection of spots featuring celebrities, beer ads, and blockbuster movies. There were some big hits and some big misses; I’m talking to you T-Mobile and Kim Kardashian. I’m going to stay away from the misses and instead celebrate five ads that for me won this year’s Super Bowl of advertising. Several of my top five spots celebrate the ads that leave you with a warm feeling.

1. Always – Like a Girl
Hands-down the best ad from this year’s crop. By showing the negative connotations of doing something like a girl, this ad then achieves it’s goal of empowering women when they had young girls run like a girl, throw like a girl, and fight like a girl.

2. Dove – Calls for Dad
A thank you to dads for being the men their kids need them to be. Simple but touching and very relatable.

3. Coca Cola – Download Happiness
While I’m skeptical of the premise that a bottle of Coke will make a cyber-bully stop, I like the approach of associating happiness with the product. And you can’t argue with a commercial that uses the kid fist meme.

4. Budweiser – Lost Dog
This is an example of amazing 60-second story-telling. You feel the bond between the yellow lab and the Clydesdales. You feel scared when the wolf appears and you feel joy and relief when Clydesdales show-up to provide some backup for the young yellow lab. It was posted on January 28th and already has over 21 million views.

5. Doritos – Middle Seat
I love all the antics the guy pulls to make sure no one sits next to him. Once he sees the cute woman, he drops the antics, but unfortunately for him he didn’t see her son. Great surprise ending!

As a Canadian I’m excited that starting in 2017, thanks to a ruling from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, Canadians will be able to see the big American commercials live, in real-time. You can read more about it in this Globe and Mail article.


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