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February 8, 2012

The Blah Super Bowl

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“Blah” – In a word that’s how I would sum up all aspects of this past Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI. I’m a huge sports enthusiast, but five years from now if you were to ask me what I remember from the 2012 Super Bowl, the only two things that will likely come to mind are that the Giants won and during the half-time show, some hip-hop artist that a majority of the people don’t know, flipped-off the hundreds of millions watching the game.

Despite the average price tag for a thirty-second spot being $3.5 million, even a lot of the advertising was sub-par. We saw the usual-mix of beer and car ads, commercials featuring celebrities, and movie previews. Below I’ve featured the spots that did standout, for better or worse, in what I feel was an off year all around for the Super Bowl.

How can you not smile after watching this commercial? It features faces of the M&M brand consumers are already very familiar with and a song that was a big hit in 2011. The other good thing about this commercial is that I think it was the only one for candy-bar product class. This helps it stand apart from its competition in a big way.

Just a thought for the designers at Fiat, how about giving your car a name that people don’t have to pause and think about pronouncing before saying it?! The lead-up is way too sexually charged to then make the connection to that particular car. It would work for a Lamborghini or Ferrari, but not a subcompact Fiat. Though it was a nice touch to have a tattoo of the Abarth logo on the back of the girl’s neck.

This has a really good storyline that hooks the audience in order to highlight a feature of the Audi S7: its powerful headlights. To then incorporate social media with the Twitter hashtag #SoLongVampires… bravo!

Danica Patrick and the Pussy Cat Dolls aside, the only real element of this commercial worth praise is the QR code in the lower left corner of most of the spot. To measure its effectiveness and to see if this is a trend that will continue, I’d love to see how much traffic it actually brought to Go Daddy’s website.

This commercial has some real nostalgia value for both the consumer AND Matthew Broderick. I like Honda’s effort in tapping into that.

A lot of people really liked this commercial. I’ve got all the respect in the world for Clint Eastwood; he’s an amazing filmmaker and actor, but honestly this commercial didn’t really strike a chord for me. Although I do think it’s a great follow-up to Chrysler’s spot from last year’s Super Bowl where the Chrysler 200 was driving through the streets of Detroit with an Eminem track in the background. Also I realize the concept for this ad is based on the notion of half-time being the time to rebuild, but airing it during half-time of the Super Bowl when many people are in the bathroom, getting another beer, etc, likely did not have as much of an optimal audience/exposures had it aired at the start of the game, right after kick-off.

These six spots are my advertising highlights from Super Bowl XLVI. Even though there were some good ads in this year’s crop, there was also a lot of “blah”. Is there an ad I didn’t mention that you really enjoyed? Feel free to write me and share your thoughts.


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