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March 2, 2010

I Believe

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Before getting started with today’s entry, I’d like to remind everyone that February was Heart Month. The Heart and Stroke Foundation is an organization that works towards raising awareness about heart disease and stroke as well as generating donations to fund research that can help us better understand these ailments. I’ve personally volunteered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. The experience was so rewarding and I honestly enjoyed every second of it! So I encourage you all to do whatever you can to get involved, either by volunteering your time or donating some money to a very worthy cause.)

To mark the recent end of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics today’s entry will focus on the I Believe brand. Not only was I Believe very present during Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Consortium broadcasts during the Games, but also in the months leading up to Olympics, I Believe was the focal point for CTV, TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, and other stations’ promos to get viewers excited for the Olympics.

At first glance, I Believe comes as across as an inspiring, uplifting message meant to instill a true sense of patriotism about Canada’s chances of achieving great things at the Olympics with such statements as “I believe Canada will win its first gold medal on home soil” and “I believe Canadian athletes can – and will – own the podium in 2010”.  (Though I must admit that after a certain point of repeated exposures to these promos, I found myself thinking, “I Believe I’m going to change the channel” whenever I saw one.)

However as you delve deeper you realize that the official theme song, sang by Nikki Yanofsky, for this year’s Olympics is entitled I Believe. Throw in the fact that you can purchase I Believe merchandise, as worn in the promos, through CTV’s website and you have an excellent brand in the making!

CTV being not only the creator of the brand, but also the dominant player in a group of stations broadcasting the Games to the millions of Canadians, found themselves with an excellent opportunity to show off how they were supporting Canadian athletes, all the while making a few bucks for themselves.

Despite CTV GlobeMedia’s best efforts to develop this brand across many platforms, there is one downside to the I Believe brand, and that’s the issue of time. As now that the Olympics are over, the brand isn’t going to be relevant and important to Canadians for too much longer. As the creators of the brand also hold the rights to the 2012 Summer Olympics being held in London, England, based on its success at the Vancouver Games to see some sort of a reincarnation of the I Believe brand in 2012.

Not only did the I believe brand help get Canadians excited and proud of their athletes, it was also able through apparel sales, CD/DVD sales, and iTunes downloads make some money for CTV. In order for a brand to succeed, that’s exactly what it must do. So I tip my, I Believe, hat to the men and women that worked hard to produce such a great brand. Because not only did it sell me a toque, it also sold me even further on being proud to be a Canadian; something Molson has been doing for years!

I just picked-up James P. Othmer’s Adland – Searching for the Meaning of Life on a Branded Planet, so you can expect an entry on this book within the next week or two. Also with the release of Season 3 of Mad Men on March 23rd, be on the lookout for an entry on this show and my thoughts on its portrayal of advertising in the 1960s.


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