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February 12, 2010

Made From Canada

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So this week I’ve decided to call an audible, sorry I’ve still got a few football expressions in me from the previous couple Super Bowl entries, and instead of writing an entry on the over-saturated Olympic commercials we’ve seen in Canada in the last three months, I’m going to comment on, this the eve of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, the following email I received earlier this week from Molson Canadian.

If you click the YouTube link, you are brought to Molson Canadian’s YouTube page and are shown the following commercial, Made from Canada:

This commercial was clearly created with the intention of inspiring Canadians and furthering their sense of Canadian pride as the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are about to begin. I consider myself to be very patriotic, I always stand-up and remove my hat whenever I hear the national anthem, I celebrate Canada Day just as well as the next guy, and I support our troops and wear red on Fridays, but yet I can’t help but feel that this ad is a little too over the top. The visuals nicely matchup with the powerful words the announcer says. And at the same time it’s full of clichés that are seem to be all too common in beer commercials that aim to create a connection between the viewer and the product. The commercial hones in Canadians love of nature, playing hockey, and just generally having a great time when not working. Maybe if the ad wasn’t 60-seconds in length this wouldn’t be as prevalent.

But what do you think? Did Molson go too far with the bleed red-and-white patriotism in this ad or does it help bring you to a whole new level and that much more pumped for the 2010 Olympics?

Either way, Molson has to be pleased with the response so far. I received this email early Tuesday evening and roughly 72 hours later the commercial has already been viewed almost 70,000 times on YouTube.

In addition to commending Molson on a pretty good ad, even if it does go too far, you also have to give Molson credit for its efforts with the email campaign that informed us of the new commercial. Elements like making it personalized, “Hey Adam” and bolding key phrases of the message, fresh new look for Molson Canadian, Molson Canadian is a gift from this country’s abundant natural resources, and join us in raising a Molson Canadian to celebrate the opening ceremonies at the Olympic Winter Games and cheer on our Canadian Olympians all contribute to my positive opinion of the email.

Other elements of this email that Molson’s copywriters should be complimented on are the repetition of the phrase Molson Canadian. Throughout the email of roughly 250 words, Molson Canadian appears four times, reinforcing the idea that repetition is indeed key in advertising. There are several calls-to-action: visit their YouTube page to watch the commercial, visit their Facebook page, and finally Molson wants you to raise a glass of Molson Canadian. They are also successful in creating that feeling of the individual being subject to something exclusive because the ad has yet to be released, so you’re part of a select group that gets to see the ad before it hits airwaves.

With the start of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics just a few hours away, I’ll end this entry by saying GO CANADA GO!!!


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