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December 23, 2009

Coming to a CBC Radio One Station Near You…

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Merry early Christmas everyone!

For all you loyal readers of the Advertising Apprentice, Santa Adam has quite the gift for you; based on the overwhelming success of the two-part interview I did with Terry O’Reilly in November, I’ve invited him back to discuss the upcoming fourth season of The Age of Persuasion which premieres January 2nd on CBC Radio One. (Part One of that interview can be viewed here; while Part Two can be seen here.)

(Terry took a big risk by providing the content for this week’s entry. When I contacted him a couple days ago to pitch the idea about doing a sneak-peek entry, I immediately received an email saying he was on vacation until January 4th and that he would not be answering emails or returning phone calls, as per his wife’s instructions!)

First to get your whistles wet, listen to the following two clips:

AOP #1 Marketing the Unpleasant PROMO CLIP #1

AOP #1 Marketing the Unpleasant PROMO CLIP #2

I asked Terry to provide some content that could form the basis of this sneak-peek entry and did he ever respond. In addition to the two MP3 files above, he also provided promo sheets for the first three episodes.

The first episode entitled Marketing the Unpleasant, airs on Saturday, January 2nd at 10 am. Terry leads off the fourth season with a behind-the-scenes, insider’s look at what marketers face when creating ads for unpleasant products such as anything for the funeral industry, laxatives, incontinence pads, and of course feminine hygiene products. If just reading some of those words makes you feel uneasy, just imagine the “pain” the copywriters who have to write ads for the products feel!

Unlike episode one, episode two, Buzz, likely won’t leave you feeling queasy! It will delve further in explaining how positive buzz for a brand can launch that brand high into the sky, while negative buzz will sink the brand faster than a melting ice cap. Do you know what the “shill” is? Well tune-in on Saturday, January 9th at 10 am to find out!

Pitchmen, the third episode, will… you guessed it, uncover the qualities that makes a great pitchman. (Other than an addiction to Red Bull!) You’ll find out what the difference is between natural-born pitchmen like the late Billy Mays and yes, even Vince Shlomi, and celebrity spokespersons like William Shatner. Don’t miss it! Episode three airs at 10:00 am on Saturday, January 16th.

Unlike the two-part interview in which I posed O’Reilly thirteen thought-provoking questions about The Age of Persuasion How Marketing Ate Our Culture, this time I asked one very simple question; What can listeners expect from the fourth season of The Age of Persuasion?

Essentially, the fourth season will drill down even deeper into the relationship between the general public and the advertising that swirls around them. We’ll be watching for timely issues, and, as always, try to connect the dots between what’s new, pop culture and the long-standing history of the advertising industry.

And have fun doing it.

Be sure to tune in to CBC Radio One on Saturday, January 2nd at 10:00 am to hear episode one of The Age of Persuasion hosted by Terry O’Reilly and produced by Mike Tennant.

This will be my last entry until the New Year at which time I’ll return with an entry on the addictive Internet time-killer that is YouTube. In the meantime have a very happy and safe holiday season! And thanks for tuning in these past six months. It’s been a real pleasure writing these entries and I look forward to more of the same in 2010.

Adam Lauzon


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