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August 30, 2009

Overexposure: The Problem with Media Conglomerates

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This commercial has been airing nonstop on the many CTV GlobeMedia television stations for probably a month. I don’t know about you, but I’m really sick of seeing this commercial!

This link provides a list of the media (television, radio, print, and other) properties owned by CTV GlobeMedia across Canada. Given the variation in genres of stations owned by this conglomerate it’s virtually impossible to have not seen the above commercial. Now if your television viewing palette favours a variety of tastes in the types of stations you watch, considering the number of times you’ve probably seen this commercial you’re excited that the Degrassi movie finally airs tonight, “at eight, seven central!”

I understand the notion that for the consumer to take action, in this case tune in and watch, it takes between three and seven exposures, but you will inevitably reach a point when people have seen the commercial so many times they not only tune-out the commercial but also reach for their remote to change the channel which decreases the number of viewers for the other commercials in the same “pack”.

An interesting dynamic in play here is the cost, or lack thereof, associated with running these ads. I honestly wouldn’t be able to guess how many times the above commercial has ran not only on the main CTV network but also on its specialty channels, both analog and digital. If this was advertising for a private firm, the cost for a similar campaign given its extreme frequency and reach would have to be in the millions. But other than the minimal cost of production for the commercial, CTV GlobeMedia is incurring a loss in ad revenue due to the space these commercials take up. However it seems like they are dedicated in promoting Paradise City: Degrassi Goes Hollywood like crazy, so it’s probably a case where the loss revenue from all these commercials will be counterbalanced by the cost to air a thirty second spot during the movie tonight.

CTV GlobeMedia must be encouraged to know that when the movie aired in the United States on The N Network on August 14th, the movie drew in just shy of one million viewers making it the most watched, highest rated show in the network’s history.

As much as I may criticize the overrunning of this particular ad, the commercial has succeeded in creating awareness about the general nature of the movie itself and when it airs. Maybe out of curiosity, and/or boredom, I’ll tune in to see what all the hype is about!


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