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July 20, 2009

First Post of Many

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I recently was sent a video that I thought would make for a great, light-hearted first post.

It’s a 60-second commercial for Evian that shows a bunch of babies roller skating.
Here’s the YouTube link. It’s only been online for less than three weeks and it already has close to 6.5 MILLION hits!!

Needless to say that’s some great exposure! Considering that people’s attention spans continue to decrease more and more, especially when it comes to commercials, the fact that this video was able to attract such a high view count is astonishing! (Although I suspect the number of views is also because of the “cuteness”!)

There’s some other elements that make this a really good commercial:

  • The pause about half-way through for the phrase “Naturally pure and minerally-balanced to live young, body and mind.” This sudden pause is not very common in many commercials, but it definitely works here. (Note the SFX of the dripping water)
  • The baby skating through the slalom course of what would normally be orange pylons, but in this case, it’s the well placed product we see with a very nice close-up at the 53 second mark!
  • The end slogan “live young” is reinforced throughout the commercial by babies skating around the park and fountain and doing maneuvers on roller-skates that most couldn’t begin to do.
So all and all this was a fun commercial that has generated some serious online buzz for Evian, that will probably win the advertising agency a couple Cleos, and that may or may not translate into an increase in sales for Evian!!


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